Hello 2019!

I hate to be cliche, but I really wanted to participate in the annual tradition of setting New Years Resolutions. I plan on keeping you guys updated once a month with my progress on each of them, being as honest as possible, and if one goes to shit I’ll ignore I even set it like everyone else does.

So here we are, a list of my resolutions with a brief explanation as to why I’ve chosen them.

  1. Lose weight.
    I feel like this is a common resolution for everyone and that no one really sticks to it, but for me, this year, it’s a must. Like everyone else I have a goal weight, and an unrealistic expectation of when I should hit it, but for this resolution I just want to lose weight, even if it’s only 10lbs in a year. I need to do so for my health, physically and mentally. So I will do what I can to achieve some sort of weight loss.
  2. Get into university, specifically Liverpool Hope.
    This is something that is majorly important to me and something I’ve already begun taking steps to achieve. I’m working hard as I can at my access course assignments, trying to get as many distinctions as possible. I worked closely with my tutor to write the best personal statement I could manage, and I’m trying to stay as organised and as hopeful as possible. This uni is my dream uni for many reasons, I won’t go into details now because I’m planning on doing a whole other post for it.
  3. Blog at least twice per month.
    Previously I have set goals to blog once a week, but with where I am in life now, I’m not sure I’ll have the time. I’ve decided on twice per month because one will be a resolutions update, and one will be something completely new and random. There may be months where I potentially will post more, especially if I manage to find some guest post writers (I already have one in the works) but I think a realistic goal to set would be two times a month.
  4. Write 3 positive things everyday.
    I already started doing this last year, got to about April and stopped. I really believe it made a difference and made me begin to look for happy things in my day, which slowly started to change my outlook on life. I stopped doing it when I went through a really bad dip and just never started it back up again so this year that is what I’m going to try and do. It’s also a skill that they teach in DBT so I guess I’m killing two birds with one stone?
  5. Take pup on longer walks.
    I like to think I’m a responsible dog owner, she gets fed, walked, and plenty of cuddles each day. But as she’s a retriever I feel like I should maybe be taking her a little futher every day. She spends most of the walk off lead and chasing a tennis ball so she does get plenty of exercise and she is a super healthy weight. But I think it would benefit us both by extending the length and time of her walks.
  6. Last but not least – Starting and ending my day by reading.
    I want to do this because of two reasons. One, I don’t feel like I read enough and I really want to expand my knowledge and vocabulary. Two, the first and last thing I do every day is go on my phone, so if I can do that then I can read instead.

I would love to know your opinions on my resolutions and maybe the resolutions you’re setting yourself. Lets insipre each other this year. Positivity only in 2019 ❤

With love, Becky.


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